Value Your Trade

A Simple Way to Find Out What Your Car is Worth

If you’re like a lot of us in this economic climate, you may be wondering, “What is my car worth?” Find out your car’s trade value in seconds using the online tool from Ray Skillman Southside Hyundai.

Trade Down to Something Less Expensive

There are many reasons why you want to value your trade-in. You love your big, comfy SUV, but maybe you recently changed jobs and now commute between Greenwood, IN, and Indianapolis.

If you’re looking to switch from your more expensive vehicle to something more affordable and fuel-efficient, like a Hyundai Elantra or Ioniq Hybrid, come see us. We’ll help you find the right vehicle and lower your monthly car payment.

We’ll Buy Your Car Even if You Still Owe on It

If you still owe on your current car loan, you can still trade it in or sell it to us. How much money you’ll get toward your next car (or in cash) will depend on whether you have positive equity or negative equity on your vehicle.

If your car is worth more than you owe, we’ll buy it, pay off your current loan, and put the extra funds toward your new vehicle. But if you’re underwater on your car loan, rather than using the proceeds for a down payment, we’ll roll the money you still owe into your new loan.

With our outstanding available finance options, we’re confident that you’ll come out ahead either way.

Let’s Get Your Trade-In Started

Ready to get behind the wheel of your next car? Let’s find out what your current car is worth! Use our secure online tool from the comfort of your home or office and connect using your favorite device.

Let us know:

  • Your car’s make and model
  • The vehicle’s model year and mileage
  • Your car’s features
  • Your vehicle’s current mechanical, interior, and body condition

Then let us know how we can contact you. In seconds, you’ll have an estimate of your car’s value in your hands.

What Comes Next

After you get our estimate, schedule your visit to Ray Skillman Southside Hyundai in Greenwood, IN.

Our staff appraisers will examine your car to confirm the details from the estimate and ensure that it’s a good fit for our used car selection. We’ll then give you our certified offer. We pride ourselves on our transparency and fairness: However, we encourage you to do your research so you can feel confident that the offer you get is fair. You can always negotiate with our team to get a higher price for your car.

If you accept our offer, we’ll complete the purchase of your car and pay off any outstanding loan amount. Then we’ll finalize the deal on your next vehicle and get you behind the wheel as quickly as possible.

Find Out What Your Car is Worth in Just a Few Clicks

A lot of dealers say they want to buy your car, then give you the runaround when you try to get a fair price. At Ray Skillman Southside Hyundai, we make sure your experience is fair, transparent, and efficient because you don’t want to spend a whole day haggling.

Our showroom is a quick drive from Indianapolis in Greenwood, IN. So, let’s get started with your estimate, then call our team to schedule your visit.